In The Still Of The 'February' Night

Howdy Night Walkers and Nature Fans

The beautiful waters of Hervey Bay's Great Sandy Strait were the perfect place to spot some of our amazing marine life this month. Loggerhead Turtles were spotted on two different occasions from the resort jetty – which was fabulous - and on many nights Squid of varying sizes could be seen gracefully gliding through the calm clear waters.

The jetty was also the perfect place to marvel at the thousands of Soldier Crabs (pictured above) that emerge to feed at low tide. These small, spider-like crustaceans form impressive gatherings or ‘armies’ at the tide line and busily go about feeding on organic matter that has settled in the sand.

Around the window lakes this month nocturnal predators, including the Long Finned Eels, could be seen darting in and out amongst the vegetation busily hunting mosquito fish and various aquatic insects.

An unusual and, as it turned out, regular evening visitor around the resort’s lakes this month was a lone Pacific Black Duck! This cunning creature managed to avoid the eagle-eyes of our early morning bird walkers, preferring to wander the banks of the main lake in the Wallum – much to the delight of our night guests.

This month’s night walks were also characterised by a stunning array of everyone’s favourite creepy crawlies…Spiders. The infamous, but quite harmless, Huntsman Spiders were spotted and the group watched in awe, on night, as the spider subdued and devoured a Cicada. The impressive web building Garden Orb Weavers and ground dwelling Wolf Spiders were also encountered.

Our usual array of furry friends were out and about this month as well. Squirrel Gliders were regularly seen feasting on the flowering Blackbutts near the resort’s round-about. Bandicoots weren’t as active this month with only a couple of sightings made and the elusive Grassland Melomys were occasionally seen darting through the dense Wallum vegetation.

A great month was had by all… and we wait with baited breath to see what critters and creatures come out to play in autumn.

Catch you all again 'real' soon, Ranger Kat.