September Night Walkin' At Kingfisher Bay

With warmer weather and consistent light showers, the resort's nocturnal wildlife sightings have certainly shifted from our local furry winter critters to our scaly summer time friends.

The occasional Lace Monitor was spotted along hollow logs attempting to absorb the last remnants of heat to get them through the night. These beautiful reptiles truly are a great sight to see by day and even more magical in the shine of the spotlight by night - and our guests just love to take holiday snaps of them.

Even some of our local reptilian species made appearances throughout the month the Carpet Python, Children's Python, Green Tree Snakes and Small Eyed Snakes amongst the most common species - giving our night walkers the opportunity to learn about these animals from a safe distance and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of these beautiful animals for them in their own environment.

The jetty bought about many delights with regular sightings of Dingoes on the late low tides. These iconic Fraser Island locals delighted guests with their casual behaviour as they wandered along the beachfront in search of food. With plenty of Bandicoots, native Bush Rats and loads of marine animals to choose from - the Dingoes certainly had a smorgasbord at their reach.

On the western side, the marine environment didn't disappoint with several species of sting rays spotted each night. Estuary Rays, Blue Spotted Sting Rays and the occasional Shovel-nosed Rays were often spotted demonstrating their unique feeding techniques. This natural behaviour provided night walk guests with a first hand look at how the saucer-shaped depressions on the beach front are formed.

Despite their reputation, Sting Rays are one of the gentle giants of our oceans and a remarkable sight to see gliding gracefully through the shallow, clear waters of the Great Sandy Straits.

All in all, September produced fantastic sightings of some of our local nocturnal wildlife here at Kingfisher Bay Resort and we are all anticipating an exciting October to come.

Until next time, Ranger Bec.