We're Winging Our Way Into Winter

The first month of winter has brought with it some amazing bird sightings in and around Kingfisher Bay! Plenty of guests braved the brisk early morning air and the birding rewards were worth it.

The Wallum teamed with life as usual this month with the quavering calls of Varied Trillers ringing in the morning chorus most days.

Pairs of Eastern Whipbirds were heard most mornings calling back and forth to each other through the dense undergrowth. The melodic calls of the Rufous Whistler were also often heard from amongst the Casuarinas.

The resort’s lakes were graced with the presence of a Little Egret this month. This majestic creature was seen on many of our early morning bird walks - gracefully treading through the grassy banks and probing the soft soil for its morning meal.

We also greeted two new additions to the Wallum lakes this month - with a pair of Australasian Grebes spotted on a number of occasions quietly paddling amongst the reeds.

Down by sunset beach White-breasted Woodswallows (pictured above right) have returned in their dozens, favouring a particular Eucalypt. These adorable birds were observed several mornings huddled together along its branches aiming to catch the first rays of warming sun as it crept over the dunes.

Our magnificent birds of prey were also out and about this month. Ospreys, Whistling Kites, Brahminy Kites and a White-bellied Sea Eagle were all observed taking advantage of the superb visibility of the Great Sandy Strait’s crystal clear waters; perfect for catching fish prey!

Can’t wait to see what our feathered friends are up to next month – catch you then.
Ranger Kat