Fraser Island - A Winter Wonderland

Hey nature lovers,

Winter has started with near-perfect conditions for spotting some of the Fraser Island’s more elusive nocturnal animals. The still air and wonderfully clear nights have resulted in spectacular star gazing and animal spotting.

Our little furry friends in the trees have continued to put on magnificent aerial displays throughout the month, with regular sightings of Squirrel Gliders, Sugar Gliders and the occasional Feather-Tail Glider.

Once again these aerobatic marsupials have impressed with their gliding skills and territorial displays - with one Sugar Glider fiercely defending its branch of blossoms from a Grey-Headed Flying Fox.

Down on ground-level we have had a variety of animal sightings ranging from mammals, to reptiles, and amphibians to arachnids!

A rare sighting of two amphibians – the Striped Rocket Frog and the Wallum Rocket Frog – added to the excitement along with the amazing behavioural adaptations of the Net-Casting Spider.

A greater number of Bandicoots (pictured above left) have been spotted this month, with some of these normally shy creatures seemingly undisturbed by our shining torches!

The beach once again produced the usual array of marine life for us to spot, however the notable sighting of a Green Sea Turtle topped off what was a truly magnificent month of night-walking!

Who knows what July will bring – we’ll keep you posted.
Ranger Kat and the team.