Of Night Walkers And Nature Lovers

Hi Night Walkers and Nature Lovers - Fraser island was well and truly teeming with wonderful nightlife this month.

The warmth of those January nights encouraged a lovely array of animals out and about and there was no shortage of guests eager to spot them!

The skies were filled with a familiar sound this month with the return of our occasional winged visitors - the Flying Fox. The arrival of these protected creatures was unmistakable as they took to the treetops, bickering over blossom and fruit. These boisterous bats came to Fraser to feed at night and returned to roost in Hervey Bay during the day.

Warm nights and occasional summer showers, mean the amphibian life is rich and abundant at Kingfisher Bay. Beautiful native frog species were spotted at every turn in the Wallum and their distinctive calls fill the summer night air. The always-energetic Striped Rocket Frogs were seen during most night ventures and even the delicate Cooloola Sedge Frogs and the crowd-pleasing Green Tree Frogs made an appearance this month.

The crystal-clear waters of the Great Sandy Strait provided some great opportunities for spotting the island’s amazing marine life. Estuary Stingrays and Blue Spotted Stingrays filled the shallow water under the jetty. The majestic creatures could be seen busily searching the ocean floor for crunchy crustaceans living under the sand.

A myriad of different fish species also brought the waters to life. Schools of Herring and Hardihead could be seen splashing about possibly under pursuit by much larger fish, while the occasional Garfish also graced us with its presence.

Fraser Island's famous Dingoes (pictured) were also regularly sighted on the western beach. This time of year they tend to be more active at night in an attempt to avoid the warm summer sun. Much to the delight of night-walkers, the captivating canines would often stay around for a while, probably as curious of us as we were of them!

Until February - keep safe tree huggers.