Spring 'Daze' On Fraser Island This September

The arrival of spring and the abundance of nocturnal wildlife - spotted on our nightly guided walks - made us get through September on Fraser Island with a spring in our step.

It was business as normal for our usual suspects - the Squirrel Gliders and Fruit Bats - in and around Kingfisher Bay Resort - who were seen indulging in the rich array of nectar filled blossoms.

However, it was our Fraser Island reptiles that really impressed Rangers and guests alike this month. A beautifully sound-track comprising the choruses of various native frog species provided a perfect accompaniment to our nightly wanderings... and from September 1 we were off to a fantastic start.

Notable amphibian sightings included rare Striped Rocket Frogs and the Cooloola Sedge Frog, plus additional reptile sightings of Asian Wood geckoes and a beautiful Carpet Python (see above).

But the fun didn't just happen on land... in the calm waters of the Great Sandy Strait, a number of larger fish species were spotted off the resort's jetty stalking the shallows for prey. A sizable Barramundi and two sightings of large Barracudas left us in awe of their sheer size and grace in the water.

Two particular species of birds also made regular appearances this month. A Tawny Frogmouth, sitting silently on a eucalypt branch, was quiet happy for us to pop in and say g'day on many a night. And on one of our Wallum walks, we stumbled across two Pacific Black Ducks quietly roosting on the shore of one of our window lakes.

The clear, Spring nights made this month's night walks truly memorable. We think it was the combination of new spring-time animal sightings, alongside our old favourites, and some spectacular clear night skies above Fraser - including one where we saw plenty of shooting stars.

Until next month, hooroo for now. Ranger Kat.