More From Our September Flockstars!

Spring has sprung and what a beautiful time of year it is here at Kingfisher Bay Resort.

The resort's Wallum is simply teeming with bird life as Fraser Island's wild flowers have burst into bloom. The aromatic and nectar filled flower spikes of Forest Grasstrees continue to attract Honeyeaters from far and wide. Dusky Honeyeaters, Scarlet Honeyeaters, White Throated Honeyeaters and Blue-faced Honeyeaters could all be seen gorging themselves on the nectar.

The beautiful red inflorescences of the Bottlebrush are also in bloom and are equally as attractive at mealtime for our resident Honeyeaters.

Birding along the main road was stunning this month and our eagle-eyed twitchers spotted Emerald Doves on three separate occasions. These striking birds, with their iridescent green wings, are mainly found in rainforest and rarely seen within the resort grounds, causing our Rangers to do a double-take!

Adorable Eastern Yellow Robins were also spotted on several mornings flitting through the undergrowth, collecting twigs to construct their tiny nests. Fraser’s resident flower peckers - Mistletoebirds - were also seen on several September mornings - happily picking fruit from clusters of Mistletoe high amongst the Eucalypts.

There was plenty of activity down on Fraser Island’s western beach with many of our magnificent raptors making an appearance. Whistling Kites and Brahminy Kites were seen on many mornings soaring gracefully over the Great Sandy Strait scanning the waters for fish prey. Ospreys and White-bellied Sea-Eagles were happy for us to watch them as they perched majestically in beach side Eucalypts.

We’re pleased to report that our Rainbow Bee-eaters (pictured) are back on island! These stunning birds can migrate all the way to Papua New Guinea during winter but their return to Fraser’s shores is a sure sign that spring is here!

Hooroo until next month, Ranger Kat.