August Augurs Well With Our Feathered Friends

Winter has drawn to close, but what a great month of birding we experienced here at Kingfisher Bay Resort and on Fraser Island’s western side over the past month.

Around the resort’s Wallum Heath there has been an outburst of activity as the temperatures have warmed up and different bird species have flocked back to Fraser Island.

With spring truly in the air, our feathered friends will also being gearing up for, what we hope is, a very productive breeding season. The first indication of this has been our gorgeous firebirds; the Red-backed Fairy-wrens (pictured) which have been courting in the Wallum, the fittest and brightest males dancing to attract their bevy of beautiful-but-dull (colour wise!) females.

Other Wallum sightings have included the unassuming Australasian Figbirds which we’ve seen quite regularly, feeding on everything from Blueberry Ash to Prickly Broom Heath. Whilst these birds are so quiet in their movements, their bright red eye patch is a dead giveaway amongst the green foliage.

Down by the beach, only one species made regular appearances this month. Our majestic Whistling Kites were spotted most days, either diving for a fishy meal, or casually gliding on a breeze. Sacred Kingfishers were occasionally spotted perched in the beach side Eucalypt surveying the sand for crustacean prey.

However, the highlight of the month was encountered unexpectedly one beautiful sunny morning, as we stood on the beach looking back over the dunes… and admired the silhouettes of three Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos as they glided quietly over the tree tops.

Here’s looking forward to September.