All Of Fraser's Creatures... Great And Small...

Autumn at Kingfisher Bay has well and truly sprung... and April has seen some boisterous behaviour around the resort with pairs of Flying Foxes - both Grey-Headed and Little Red species - regularly seen hanging in trees above.

These somewhat noisy critters have been quarrelling over the sweetly scented nectar of Swamp Mahogany blossoms and have put on quite a show during this month’s night walks.

were also regularly spotted in April. Fortunately for our guests, as winter approaches and the resort’s various Eucalypt species begin to flower prolifically, they will become more and more abundant. Feathertail Gliders, however, have proven more elusive than their Squirrel Glider mates.

These minute marsupials hold the title of the smallest gliding mammal in the world and are a real delight to see in action. This month a lone Feathertail Glider was spotted scampering through a Swamp Mahogany - and we loved it.

From the small critters on Fraser to the very largest… there are just a couple of months until the start of Whale Watching season at the resort – with the season splashing down from August 1. Our friends at Air Fraser spotted the first Humpbacks (pictured left) of the season migrating north (in the open ocean off Fraser Island's eastern beach) just a few days ago. It’s when they begin their migration south that the magic happens.

Hervey Bay is one of only two places in the world – Hawaii is the other – where Humpbacks take time out of their migration schedule to wallow and socialise in the warm waters off Fraser Island. It’s great for the whales and great for the Bay as we serve up some of the best Whale Watching in the world!

Those same calm clear waters on the western side of Fraser proved popular with both experienced and amateur fisher folk alike over the past month. Large Flathead could be found lying in wait in the shallow water and several tasty looking Mud Crabs were also spotted around the jetty. Though perhaps more exciting was the great number of Banana Prawns around this month. These cute crustaceans could be seen frolicking in the shallow water, jumping about with legs flailing and tails fanned.

We're wild about Fraser Island - hope you are too. Until next time, this is Ranger Kat signing off