December Round Up With Ranger Kat

The warm December nights and higher than average rainfall last month meant our night walk sightings lists were dominated by reptiles and amphibians!

Striped Rocket Frogs and Wallum Rocket Frogs dominated the wallum night chorus, delighting guests as they hurtled themselves across the path in a seemingly directionless trajectory! Less common sightings included the delicate Cooloola Sedge Frog (pictured) - easily recognisable due to its petite size and pale green skin.

Slithery specimens included a Carpet Python and a Brown Tree Snake, however the regular rainfall meant that snake sightings were not commonplace. The most delightful reptile sighting was actually of a Green Sea Turtle, which had found a place to sleep amongst the rocks supporting the boat ramp at the jetty. Their shells mimic barnacle-covered rocks so well, that on many nights identification was only possible due the beautiful creature’s flippers sticking out from its shell!

Other than the slimy and the scaly residents there was the occasional sighting of a Squirrel Glider or two; however the rain and lack of tasty blossoms meant they remained relatively quiet during December.

Micro bats were however out in force, darting above our heads stealthily locating their prey. The change in season has brought about some large Hawk Moths which would make a very substantial meal for a small bat.

With the resort's lakes already full, the warm summer temperatures and the weather, it appears that Kingfisher Bay will continue to serve as a haven for all things amphibian - and that's the way we like it. Catch you next month!