December's 'Birds in Paradise'...

G'day to all twitchers out there...

Summer is truly here. The island days have become warmer and this, combined with the influx of holidaying guests, has created a flutter of activity at Kingfisher Bay.

With the change of season, we've really had something to crow about on our bird walks as we've seen several exciting and rarely-seen bird species making the daily December bird list.

We started the month watching a nesting pair of
White-Breasted Woodswallows.

These birds were spotted down near the beach one morning zipping in and out of a dead eucalypt... where they'd chosen to nest.

On another December day we were enthralled as a
Beach Stone Curlew (pictured) faced off against a dingo on Fraser's western beach! While the dingo was only mildly interested in the large shorebird, the distressed curlew repeatedly charged at the predator in an aggressive display. It really was fascinating to watch.

While the flowering grass trees provided plenty of nectar for
honeyeaters during spring, the summer seeding provided an attractive food source for many Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. It was quite amusing as these large white parrots flocked to the Wallum, landing on these slender grass tree stems, which bowed heavily under their weight.

While the larger birds definitely made an impression this month, Fraser Island’s smaller feathered residents were not overlooked with regular sightings of
Mistletoebirds, Leaden Flycatchers and Red Browed Finches.

The Kingfisher Bay family also grew by three, as our resident
Grey Shrike Thrushes produced a clutch of eggs in their nest (which is conveniently located in our Centre Complex near reception). Once again the 'clucky' Rangers were kept busy protecting adventurous fledglings from the hustle and bustle of summer at Kingfisher Bay.

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.. hooroo!